WX-R Carbon Track Sprint Bar

The WX-R Carbon Track Sprint Bar BTC1.0 is an ultra stiff, ultra strong 330g track bar designed for the forces produced by an Olympic Level athlete made using T700 UD carbon fibre for maximum power delivery.

Aerodynamically developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics, for minimum drag on both bike and rider.

It has been rig tested for fatigue and static overload to double the required ISO values. The 30cm width for ultimate rider aerodynamics features a 3D sculpted full transition aero profile design with truncated trailing edge for the ultimate balance of aerodynamics and stiffness. From a practical perspective a standard 31.8mm stem clamp diameter has been used to allow any standard stem to be fitted for maximum set up adjustability which will allow the rider to find their ultimate aerodynamic position.

The bar features high grip hand hold areas that allow the bar to used with or without bar tape.

300mm width x 85mm reach x 120mm drop
Weight 330g

Offer Price: £329.00

Normal Price: £379.00

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